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r+ liman

rplus liman hills

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Property Size
45,000 sqm
Open for sale enquiries
Land Use
Farm-based resort
Property is available in its entirety
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Unveiling the future of farmsteads

r+ liman is a farming resort: a real estate prospect that comprises integrating an existing farm with quality hospitality offerings on 4.5ha within Kampot's agro-tourism area, which is earmarked for sustainable developments by both national and provincial governments. This approach focuses on preserving the region's natural beauty and cultural heritage while creating economic opportunities through meaningful engagement with local communities.

The region's agricultural sector, renowned for its high-quality pepper and salt production, is experiencing a surge in exports. This export growth bolsters the local economy and showcases the value of sustainable agricultural practices.

The convergence of sustainable tourism and agricultural prosperity is creating a fertile ground for diverse economic opportunities. Investments in infrastructure, education, and local industries are paving the way for a higher standard of living for residents.

r+ liman is located just minutes away from the heart of Cambodia’s premier weekend resort town of Kampot and a short transit by car from Phnom Penh International Airport and Phnom Penh. The recent completion of an expressway from Phnom Penh makes travel time shorter.


Where luxury is in kinship with nature

The architectural concept for r+ liman comprises a series of cruciform plans. Specific functions are located at each intersection of a cross.

Guests are guided from an outer courtyard to a reception building and then to the clubhouse before arriving at the learning pavilion, with each facility sited at an intersection point.

Light-footed insertions of walls, pathways, and buildings ensure minimal but effective intervention upon the functioning farmland.



  • r+ liman comprises 60 farmland plots offered for sale and lease back, with the option for owners to install a quonset on their plot.
  • A reception building with an F&B outlet, swimming pool and clubhouse amenities allows owners and guests to unwind in style. There is also a function space that may be used for a variety of events.
  • 20 modular suites are available for onsite stays, providing short-term luxury-level accommodations.
  • This farmland is complemented with a crop processing facility.

Asset Details

The 45,000sqm r+ liman Agro-Resort is located in Kampot, Cambodia, home to Preah Monivong Bokor National Park. Sited on the western slope of Phnom Thom (summit 308m), it overlooks the famous Phnom Chhngok Cave.
Close proximity to major transportation arteries; just off Road 139, which connects NR 3 (Phnom Penh) and NR 33 (Kep and Phu Quoc, Vietnam). Both these roads also lead directly into Kampot town.
r+ liman sits in a valley area earmarked for sustainable eco-tourism development. It boasts fertile soil for agriculture, breathtaking mountainous scenery, and a tranquil ambience. It makes the perfect destination of choice for environmentally-conscious travellers.

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